what i think hippy meant is she wasnt disclosing CONES in her products(if she was using the bases listed). If you go by some of the bases that were listed, they looked very familiar to her products only hers didnt list cones.
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I saw that. I wasn't using the products that didn't list cones. It was her conditioners not the butters. Like I said that was almost 3yrs ago and ANY of these product makers could be doing it. Unless we are making our own shampoos and conditioners, we truly don't know what we are using.
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cerendipity is absolutely right about what i thought.

my hair hates hates hates silicones. i couldn't figure out why my hair hated her conditioners because they were supposed to be silicone free. i did like her butters but the mold and separation, along with long wait times and poor customer service issues stopped that too. all of afroveda just left a bad taste in my mouth. made me second guess the integrity of her business and products. if it works for you, fine - do you...
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That was 3yrs ago. Im sure there are plenty of natural hair consumers who have let that go, because her business is thriving, even in these economic times. In business these days most folks have no integrity but that doesn't stop goods from being sold. Que sera sera...