I'm personally extremely miffed by the petrolatum in the Hairveda Whipped Cream Ends Hydration base...nowhere does it appear in Hairveda's actual ingredient list. I cleanse with clay and I don't believe it removes such ingredients, so now I'll have to clarify just to be certain. Geez... :/

I have a bottle of 95% full Whipped Cream moisturizer if anyone wants...heh.
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There is a fine line between libel and opinion, and the poster that claimed Hairveda's Whipped Cream product had petrolatum in it was REALLY walking that fine line. It's dangerous because that's how misinformation, rumours, and problems get started. Later on if you read a little further you will see where several posters, including coilynapp who from what I've seen, is very well educated on ingredients addressed the posts regarding bases. In short, it is a stretch to say definitively that Hairvedas leave in cream has petrolatum in it.....a hard stretch. I'm not saying it doesn't Im just saying there is VERY VERY little evidence that that particular product comes from the base that contains petrolatum. So little in fact that I would go so far as to say that woman was irresponsible for making that comment. Not everything comes from a base...and that particular product could very well NOT come from that base or any base at all for that matter. Basically, she doesn't know whether it has petrolatum in it...that particular poster was claiming a lot of products were "bases". Later on it was revealed that what she was calling "bases" in a few situations were actually raw ingredients that were simply conditioner pellets.

If you like a product, and it works for you....use it. You will go nuts and spend an ample amount of money following the "hair dos and donts"...and very few of them are factual. Mineral Oil and Petrolatum are removed just fine from the hair by something as simple as conditioner washing.....so yes your clay treatment will suffice.