Question -- is that hair analysis also available for curlies outside of USA? I think I have a pretty good idea about my hair properties, but I'd like to have it confirmed by an analysis.
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I don't see why it wouldn't be! As long as you can get your hair to them. You pay through PayPal, and have to send in a sample of your hair to an address in Florida. Once you purchase the sample, everything is sent to you by email. It goes:

1. You purchase it.
2. They email you a pdf to print and sign, and instructions on how to take a hair sample.
3. You sign the form, put 16-20 hairs in a plastic baggie and send them to LCLF.
4. They email you a PDF of your results and recommendations.

So, I don't think it should be a problem on their side, as long as it's not a problem for you.

I'm really glad I did it. I was all over the place deciding on what my porosity was. I think I have been overmoisturizing my hair like crazy. Which would explain why my hair has been SO happy both times I've had to use a sulfate poo to clarify.
2b/c, high density
fine, medium porosity, normal elasticity
loves protein, hates polyquats
still searching for HGs