When I first signed up on this forum my hair was not in the best condition. At the time I think I was a 2b or 2c. Well it's been 2 years and I've been mostly CG. Since then I've had a baby and my hair seems thinner than before, but I can see now that my hair is curlier than what it used to be, although I'm still not sure of my curl type. I have thin hair, underneath I can get nice curls, and on top my hair is more wavy. So my guess is 3a mixed with 2c?

Also, what products work best on thin hair? Right now I've been experimenting with different combos, aloe+CK+Recoil, leave-in+CK+Recoil, aloe+recoil, and lately aloe+CK+Paul Mitchell Conditioning Mousse. The leave-ins I've tried are Giovanni Direct, Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner, and Profound Beauty Hush Time-Out Treatment. Sometimes I seal with JoJoba and sometimes I don't. I usually get similar results, and always air dry my hair. I've also been jaw-clipping to get more volume at the roots. I'd like a little more hold, so would gel be too heavy on my hair?

Thanks everyone!
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