Bless the soul who left cookies in the break room. I needed a snack so badly.

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Ummm.......I'm not trying to start a fight or anything....

OMG!!! I so hate people!!!

Yesterday was my supervisors boss so we took her to lunch. We had training for a new robot and one of the trainers bought her cookies. she put them on a table outside of the lab, cus you cant bring food in the lab and we had training and the lab. after the training which was most of the day, which is why i couldnt post more pics of hotties, we went to eat cookies! cookies the size of my face! but they are gone!!! where they go? grow legs and walk out?!

NO!!! some idiots from the adminstration section of the lab took the cookies off the lab table and took them to the kitchen/breakroom and proceeded to eat the cookies as if they bought them in! When I wen tin there to look for them, two people told me htey didnt eat them but they saw others eating them. I told them who ever that was stole them off the lab table. My supervisor was pissed!!!! the lab people are starting to realize how disrespectful and rude the admin department really is. i really wanted to go on a rampage!!

To calm my nerves I had to go home and celebrate margarita day.
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I'm just saying....