Sooo, I was taking down my box braids. I guesstimated where I think my natural hair ends and I cut it... I think I cut too high up TT_____________TT

I even think I cut some of my natural hair off (not the straight ends), and I've been transitioning for almost 26 months now so I was really hoping to see the growth, but I probably messed it up now.

*Goes to cry in a corner*

This is not how I expected my BC to be. Hopefully I didn't cut off all the straight ends yet. I wanted my BC to be a big event, not a mistake. I won't know until I wash my hair.
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BC DATE: July 23, 2013 (about 31 months)

7/23/13 :: SL
1/9/14 :: CBL
5/13/14 :: APL

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