So update on my hair. I woke up today with a head full of very strong 2C-ish S-waves and it was very full and thick. My hair is always thick but sometimes I wake up with dents and bedhead. Today there was none of that and it was very pretty. Nevertheless, I missed my curls so I went ahead and rewet and then refreshed with my SM Curl & Style Milk and Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Something went awry in that I probably put too much product/water in the left side (which is my lazy side) so I had to rake through that side and break the clumps with my fingers to get the two to even up volume wise. I would say I definitely do have more volume today than I did yesterday and the day before. It's subtle because my hair already is thick but I'd put it at maybe 10% and I can just tell because my hair is further away from my ears than it usually is. But I'm not sure if that's because of the shampoo and conditioner's thickening properties or because I was due for some protein. (I know hair can seem bouncier after it gets protein.) Since I love and trust Shea Moisture's conditioning/emollient properties so much, I've decided I'm going to use the Yucca conditioner for a shot of protein once a week. So I already really loved the shampoo. It foams better than the Moisture Retention one and smells heavenly. And at once a week it doesn't strip my hair at all, especially if I do a prepoo with oil like I did yesterday. I now also officially love the Conditioner because it has decent slip and felt very hydrating, not stripping in my hair. It also seemed to make it feel thicker when wet which was interesting. I don't plan on getting the yucca milk though because I'm very happy with the smoothie as a styling product. And I'm finding C&H smoothie+milk = a consistency that works very well for refreshing second and third day hair. Overall, I'd be interested in getting more fine haired curlies or lower density curlies' takes on these products. I know it worked for my fine-haired friend, but it'd be nice to read more reviews. Okay. . . done!

Pixar, your hair looks lovely! That routine is definitely working for you. (Although it looked great in the first pictures too.)

Nikitatev, I wish I could take credit, but when I bought the milk it was the last one on the shelf because that BOGO at Target had just started. As a matter of fact that BOGO has been rolling steady ever since I went CG. It even spread to Walgreens. Is it any wonder my shower and cabinets are so full of Shea Moisture right now?

P.S. SM representatives who may be loitering around the nc chat boards doing consumer research and whatnot, I would certainly not object to being compensated in conditioner. Especially since I currently own at least 6 of your products and have been singing your praises for several weeks. Did I mention I've purchased 8 of your products overall and have gifted two? Yeah. . . this is a problem, isn't it?
3A - C, HP, ME, HD. (Coarse, High Porosity, Medium Elasticity, High Density.)

CG since Nov. 2012

Poos: SM Moisture Retention + Yucca Baobab, TJ's Tea Tree Tingle
Condish: TJ 'sTea Tree Tingle*, SM Moisture Retention* + Curl & Shine + Yucca Baobab, Yes to Blueberries
Stylers: KCKT*, SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie* + Curl & Style Milk*, KCCC*, FSG*, CJ Pattern Pusha, Curl Keeper
Sealers: Jojoba* or Grapeseed* oil

* = HG

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