I've tasted many vegetarian -vegan recipes that aren't tasty at all.I wan't some really delicious irresistible recipes to incorporate more veggies in my diet.I'll like one that non vegetarians/vegans also can enjoy without feeling the need of adding meat.Thanks.
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I'm not a vegetarian/vegan, but I do love a good veggie meal. For me that starts with the vegetables or fruits I like and two of my favorites are Avocado and Okra. Okay, maybe okra isn't everyone's favorite, but it makes a really good meal and absorbs flavors well both in stir fry's and in soups. I do have a blog on recipes and here are a couple of my favorite recipes:

Avocado Chimichurri -- tasty avocado in south american spices that works well served on crusted bread.

Okra Bhaji - is a spicy okra stir fry using Indian spices that tastes great as a meal served with basmati rice.

I also think a lot of meat stews with a lot of vegetables can easily be turned into a vegetarian dish. For example one of my favorite African dishes is Peanut Stew. This can be made with just vegetables or with meat such as chicken or lamb. I have an African Chicken & Okra Peanut stew on my blog. To make it vegetarian simply exclude the chicken and substitute the chicken broth with vegetable broth. Still go through the process of stewing the sauce for 30 minutes without the chicken to allow the peanut and tomato flavors to blend, then add the vegetables at the end. In this recipe I use okra, kale, bell peppers, carrots, onions and tomatoes, but consider adding eggplant, chinese long green beans and potatoes which are other ingredients used in the many variations of this African Peanut stew.

Another meat dish rich in vegetables that can easily be turned into a vegetarian meal is this simple Filipino Tamarind base soup. Again usually made with meat included, but eliminate the chicken in this recipe and it makes a great vegetarian meal. This one uses okra, japanese eggplant, onions, tomatoes, ginger, tamarind powder, and mustard greens. Try adding green beans and baby spinach to make it an even richer vegetable soup.

These are some dishes that I as a non-vegetarian really enjoy.
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