okay, well my hair, seems to be very flat. it literally has no volume, okay its not like plastered down to my skull but yeah. i think it's because i need a haircut, like it has no style but my ends seem healthy enough, so i dont want to go for a haircut as im growing my hair, and it be a ridiculous price, and there doesnt seem to be many curly hair stylists in england anyway.

anyway, on to the question. how can i get volume? please dont suggest things like clipping as i really want my hair routine to be very simple, literally like 3 minutes styling. is there a particular parting that encourages volume? i wear mine in side and well yeah...i was thinking no part as i think that looks really good with curly hair. how do you train your hair into having no part? whenever i try, it always finds its way into some sort of offline centre part...suggestions? thanks