This is so true. Sometimes I think that it's because they don't know how to style it curly. I got a cut a few weeks ago, and the stylist was doing great: she left in lots of conditioner, used a microfiber towel, and then clipped up my roots and put me under a helmet-dryer. Everything was going perfectly! But then, to finish drying, she had to diffuse the ends. And as soon as she started diffusing, she also started running her hands all throughout my hair! Well, needless to say this ruined everything! I really like my stylist, so I just told her nicely that I would rather let the rest air-dry and got the hell out of there. She's great at everything else but just doesn't seem to know some curly hair basics.
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The same thing happened to me! She cut my hair perfectly, blow dryed it some, and it looked great. But then she was like "Look how nice it came out!" and she started running her fingers through it and playing with it! I was horrified. That ruined it! It became all frizzy and messy I didn't say anything at the time because I didn't know how to politely BACK OFF WOMAN! If I go back to her again I'll tell her to stop if she did it. She did a great job with everything else, so I can deal with that. I am surprised at how little people know that you shouldn't do it. Even my own mom has done it to me and I spazz out