I am going to cut and highlight my hair probably in mid March and then I will bkt with the kerapremuim. I will update and post some pictures for sure!

Honeycurls, is the 33 oz too much product and that is why you want to split it?
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Yeah, it is because I only do my roots now. My last bottle of Gold lasted nearly 3 years, and that was using it for full-head applications in the beginning. Right now cutting costs is priority, even though I'd eventually use an entire 33 oz. bottle. They have expiration dates, though I use that only as a guideline.

Half a bottle would last me for a good 2 years.
OK, I admit it.....I'm an alias! I wasn't born with the name Honeycurls!
Dood, get over it; there's no time limit on lurking.

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