coco glycerides is a different ingredient from cocamidopropyl betaine. I'm not sure I understand your post lucyprimrose. I don't see glycerides in the first ingredient list.

Sorry. It did come out confusing. What I copied in was two lists of ingredients both given underneath the product online - you know how the international list is sometimes phrased differently but it is the same stuff - I assume the 'coconut oil products' are the coco betaine. On another website it said coco glycerides rather than either of the above. Anyway, doesn't matter, I was just wondering whether coco betaine can have any cleansing/surfactant power in that formulation since it is the only surfactant. That's why I was using it but after I read your post earlier I thought maybe it couldn't. I'll probably use it anyway as it is a good co wash.

Sorry for confusion!
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It sounds like a good co wash. But say if you have a bunch of gunk in your hair, that's not going to give you a good enough clean.