Hi Honeycurls, if I split the bottle with anyone, I am worried that I will not receive 100% of the original product. How do I trust someone if I am splitting it with them?

Also, if I purchase the kerapremium, what is the expiration date on the bottle?
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Lol, well, if by anyone/someone, you mean me, you'd be taking a leap of faith. You can check the Swap forum...I've made some swaps there, and my name isn't on the complaint list. I have a 100% Ebay feedback rating. I'd measure out the solution by weight...I have a food scale.

I'm trustworthy. As for buying from "anyone/someone" else...well, I can only speak for myself.

Your other option is to buy it yourself and do the splitting and shipping on your end...which would then require "anyone/someone" else to take the leap of faith in you.

As for the exp date...I won't know until I see the bottle. I bought my current bottle of Gold in early 2010, and it is set to expire in Oct. 2013. I don't know its production date, though.
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