I was forced to go clothes shopping yesterday, due to the fact that I am bursting out of all my work pants.

I went through about 4 years of bad depression and weight loss. After my marital separation, my appetite got better and now the same pants that were falling off my body have to be given away bc I can barely zip them up.

I have always been very short, petite, and small-framed. My normal weight is around 110-lb. range. At the height of my depression I was 95-96.

The least little weight gain or loss affects MY STOMACH.....nothing else really changes. All the pants still fit everywhere else.

I'm 42, so I'm sure my age has a lot to do with it. My appetite and my diet are all over the place.....I hate cooking for only myself, so I eat a LOT of cereal and pb&j sandwiches. In my defense, I only eat the very high fiber cereals and I only use whole wheat bread. But Im in a serious food rut and eat these same things every day.

Anyway, I look like I'm pregnant and I. HATE. IT. I was a very late bloomer so I dont mind the other curves.

The worst part is that I have no money. My financial situation is extremely bad. I can't afford a gym. Me loathing exercise doesn't help either.

However, my apartment complex has a lot of hilly terrain. I had made an attempt at running/walking back in the fall, basically walking/running 30 mins a day whenever I had the time. And noticed incredible changes in my hip-thigh area......but then the cold set in.

How much is a personal trainer? My friend wants me to partner with her at her gym, which will offer $10/month memberships.....but that only includes the treadmills and ellipticals. I mean....I can work with that. Unfortunately, the gym won't open until sometime in May.

I'm sorry this post turned out so long; I hope I provided some background. If anyone has similar issues or can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm really trying NOT to go into the summer looking like this.

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