Hey i did the wet stretch thing, my hair stretched and then broke! sounds like i've been treating it pretty badly. I live in the UK so it's really difficult finding good products for curly hair, especially if you're on a budget. I'm a student so i really can't afford to splash out on things. I bought a conditioner with protein and i'm gonna start using sulphate free shampoo, i might try making a gelatine hair mask.

To lcl0706, i currently use this curl creme type gel when my hairs wet and tressemme naturals moisture conditioner or garnier fructis conditioner, to shampoo my hair i use palmolives naturals milk&honey which is pretty basic.

This is all pretty new to me as i have always straightened my hair a lot and have never really known how to look after my hair as my mums hair has always been pretty low maintenance and doesn't have any of the problems i face.

Thank you to everyone who replied!