not quite there yet, but i can totally understand the drs not taking medicare. as a mental health provider, i will no longer accept it, even as a supplemental. the reason -- they make the paperwork you have to submit for billing totally ridiculous and they are never satisfied. so after countless hours doing paperwork, both myself and clients on the phone, i've never been reimbursed.
and, the healthy ny insurance, which picks up those who don't qualify for medicaid and cannot afford insurance, i will no longer take, either. it is based on income, so in the past i've had clients who met that limit and had healthy ny. then, the yr i was seeing them, they earned $1 over the limit, so the following yr insurance company asked for their money back. of course, i did not have to send them a check, but they would have deducted from fees i earned going forward, so... and, could i collect from people who are barely getting by??
it is downright scary. i have a friend from canada who is a us citizen, but she says she may very well return to canada when she retires so she will have medical care.
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