Yes it did seem to cut through some of the product! On the weekends I tend to experiment a bit. On Friday I ended the week with Curl Keeper in my hair and Pantene Mousse (by Friday I was on 3 day no wash only adding a bit more product each day to encourage the curl back). Friday morning I did change it up a bit and add Kinky-Curly Curling Custard to my hair dry and went to work like that. I was a bit heavy handed and left with nice but limp producty feeling curls. That evening I went home, decided to try a little ACV in my spray bottle, and spritz my hair. Now it wasn't like a miracle or anything but it significantly improved the feeling of my hair. I only did a light mist (not sopping wet) and did an almost dry plop afterwards. Honestly my hair came out so light and bouncy! I want to try this method again to see if the results are good. I do find with my hair that a technique may work once and not the next time. LOL, lots of trial and error!