In my experience, GF Pure Clean has stronger hold than LALSG! I used LALS for a loooong time (got it a month after i went CG a year ago and used it until I discovered PureClean a month ago) but as time went on, got less of that hold. So if you're thinking of trying LALS again, it might be worth trying PureClean as well.

It's strange, Jas, for me Aussie instant freeze had almost no hold whatsoever. The CVS nearest my school only has their generic version of LALS so I've bought EcoStyler, AIF, and PureClean in search of something with comparable or stronger hold and all I've been happy with is pureclean. also, when you add epsom salts to gel do you dissolve the salts at all? maybe it's because i got some sort of lavender-scented salts, but unless I'm remembering what they look like incorrectly (it's been a while), I'm pretty sure they're a bit big not to leave chunks in the gel.

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