We've had water heater issues in my dorm recently and I've been pleasantly surprised when I've gotten out fo the shower to finish styling my hair! I wonder if the lack of steam calms down frizz? I've co-washed and detangled in the shower, then squeezed some water out so that my hair is basically straight, then gotten out of the shower and smoothed SM Smoothie and PureClean gel on section by section. By this point it looks pretty odd, my hair being stick straight with a bit of a loose curl on the end. I fill a cup with water and pour half on the length of my hair on either side. then I tilt forward, loosen the roots with my fingertips, and scrunch up the wet length of my hair. I add more gel after that, remove a bit more water with a towel, and voila! significantly less frizz! Could be helped by the fact that on those days I didn't go outside into the freezing cold for a long time after I showered :P
Makes me wonder, though!

3Aish; mid-back when curly, waist length when straight
Shampoo - Shea Moisture
Co-wash - Alberto V05
RO/LI - TNNM, L'Oreal EverSleek
Styler: Left em all at school :"(
Gel: GF Pure Clean, LALSG