Hi fellow 2c's!
I've been following the CG method since June 2012, but I just finally have joined you all online. So glad to be a part of the curly girl community! I've only been sticking to the DevaCurl line of products for the past 8 months of following CG method, but am looking now to try products that other 2c's have found work for them! What are your favorite products?!

One issue I have is that the first inch or two from my roots generally refuses to curl. Also, there's an underlayer of hair in the back that is flat and only wavy. I don't know if this is just from my hair type or if I simply haven't learned how the right routine for my hair yet. Thoughts?? How do you get curl definition and volume at the top?

Plopping with a microfiber towel gives me mixed results. When I do it during a wash and go, it always makes my hair noticeably frizzier. When I do it overnight, I get great curl definition, but my roots are stuck FLAT against my head :/ not exactly what I was going for... What have your plopping experiences been like? How is diffusing/pixie method for you all?

Post the products, techniques and tips that have helped you the most so we all gain from each other's experiences!!!
CG since June 2012
2c/3a mix
High Density, Normal-High Porosity, Medium/Coarse Thickness
Cleansers: DevaCurl "No Poo", Suave Natural Conditioner
LI: One Condition, GVP Conditioning Balm
Stylers: SM Smoothie, DC Arcangel

{Looking for advice on what works well-products or tips/tricks- from similar curly girls!}

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