I have the same issue and it doesn't help that my hair is bsl and heavy. I would love to have hair like curlyCarmen but like Myrna said her curl type and texture is different. I personally think volume all depends on hair properties such as curl type, strand width and density. My niece has around 3c/4a hair with fine strands/high density and she has lots of volume while my hair which is now 3a med/coarse strands doesn't. And she has long hair it just doesn't get weigh down she's so lucky lol. I think there is only so much volume we can attain naturally because of our properties. You can diffuse upside down and use mousse at the roots for extra volume but unless you get it professionally done won't ever look close to curlyCarmen. I've tried shaking gently at the crown but it didn't make much difference on my hair. I have noticed I have more volume on top after pineappling the night before. Also if your hair is all one length you might want to consider a haircut with layers. I'm starting to accept that my hair just doesn't have the nice crown volume and just try and make it look the best it can. I think you hair is very pretty and your curls so define and you should enjoy them.
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Yeah, I know my hair can't look exactly like CurlyCarmen's. I don't have her genes! I guess I just meant getting *more* volume so my hair falls more out than in, if that makes sense. I think my best bet is to maybe go lighter on products and get better at diffusing my hair. I don't usually diffuse, I usually air dry. But I leave the house well before it's dry, do I can't touch it until later. My current cut is what I got when I asked for layers and didn't quite get what I want. I'm convincing myself more and more to schedule a hair appointment this week to see what can be done. I don't want to lose length, I just want volumizing layers I don't have split ends so I don't need a trim right now. I did find a Deva styling specialist in my area, so maybe I'll find out when she's available this week. Other than that, I'll keep experimenting :-)
3B/Medium Texture/Normal Porosity
Co-Wash: Suave Naturals or Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture
Conditioner: GVP Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm
Leave-In: Giovanni Direct Leave-In
Anti-Frizz: Curl Keeper
Gel: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel; LA Looks Sport Gel; LA Looks Nutra Curl; IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel