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The picture on the left was from June of last year. I was still using products that had silicones and sulfates. My hair always felt dry and as you can see my curl definition at the roots was non existent. The picture on the right was from a couple of weeks ago. I have been using the CG method for about six months now and my curl definition is much better. My hair feels much more moisturized. I can tell it's growing. But now that I look back to last year, I think I may have jumped the gun with growing to waist length and should have focused more on health. I've had to trim my hair a few times and last week I chopped off the last pieces of heat damage I had in the front. Now that I've learned how to take care of my curls I feel like I should be able to retain more length. And I've also decided not to use heat on my hair at all this year and see where that gets me.
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Your hair is absolutely stunning!!! The length and curl are gorgeous! Wow!
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