I am really set on buying the full 33 oz bottle. Is that a bad decision if it is my first time trying the QOD kerapremium?
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Do you really have to ask this ^^ question? LOL

If you've never tried a certain food and aren't sure you'll like it, would you buy a huge $250 carton of it just to taste it?

I'll tell you this...if you buy the big one and then decide you don't like it...it might be tough recouping your losses. It took me forever to sell my almost-full bottle of Organiq Gold. I tried both Craigslist and here. I finally sold it here--she got a great deal.

In your case, I'm not even suggesting you go in with me now...I'm saying that IF you try it and then decide you like it but don't want to/can't buy the full liter bottle, I'm looking to split one if you're interested. That's all. No pressure. I'm not or I'm going to buy one whether or not someone splits it with me.
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