Yeah, I know my hair can't look exactly like CurlyCarmen's. I don't have her genes! I guess I just meant getting *more* volume so my hair falls more out than in, if that makes sense. I think my best bet is to maybe go lighter on products and get better at diffusing my hair. I don't usually diffuse, I usually air dry. But I leave the house well before it's dry, do I can't touch it until later. My current cut is what I got when I asked for layers and didn't quite get what I want. I'm convincing myself more and more to schedule a hair appointment this week to see what can be done. I don't want to lose length, I just want volumizing layers I don't have split ends so I don't need a trim right now. I did find a Deva styling specialist in my area, so maybe I'll find out when she's available this week. Other than that, I'll keep experimenting :-)
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That makes perfect sense. I would love my hair to look on top more like the bottom which is where I tend to have all my volume. Definitely try diffusing upside down using the pixie method (I think thats what its called) and bringing the blowdryer closer to your scalp. Air drying can sometimes weigh down your curls. I recently had a devacut and didn't want to lose length either. I made sure I told the stylist and he was able to fix my ends, shape my hair with layers and still keep length. I did find this video, it says its for thin hair but you can always give it a try and see if it helps. It gave her a good amount of volume with no heat which is a plus.

How To: Voluminous Curls for [FINE/THIN Hair] with NO HEAT! - 3a/3b - YouTube

Good luck experimenting and if you do find something that works please post.
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