I had bangs for years when I wore my hair straight. On bad hair days I could put my hair in a ponytail with my bangs and it looked cute. When I went curly I let my bangs grow out - however, I don't like the way having no bangs looks. It's like I have too much forehead or something. I try it parted in the middle or thrown over to one side. It just doesn't look like me - the curls do but not the front of my head!! And forget about a ponytail - I look like a skinned rat - in all to me I have too much face or something. I'm a business professional so I really can't afford to not feel confident with the way my hair looks.

Does anyone else have this issue and if so any suggestions on what to do with the front of my hair? I've tried clips for volume, sprays. Diffusing upside down- you name it. Should I go back to bangs or is their a curly solution I'm missing?