I've been on Medicare for about 2 years now -- when I went deaf in 2008, I qualified for SSDI and then had to wait 2 years to be eligible for Medicare. I've been lucky, I guess -- I'm in Illinois and was able to keep all my regular doctors and my audiologist -- so I haven't had problems finding health care professionals that take Medicare. My mom hasn't had problems either, and she sees a variety of specialists as well as her regular doctor.

But I completely agree with your views on the US healthcare system! My kids were both on AllKids (the IL version of Medicaid for kids) and I had to switch from their regular pediatrician to one that accepted AllKids. I definitely noticed a difference in the level of care. Luckily, neither of them were ever really sick or had serious health issues.

I envy my friends in Canada!
~ Wendi in IL
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