no it's not really a secret, I've known for years (I came across it one day) because they have mega sales sometimes, and then they'll change the price the next day so you have to check on an item you like often because it might go cheaper...IN FACT I BOUGHT NEW RUNNING SHOES SATURDAY ON THERE (omg i buy something like twice a week I swear, I need 6pm rehab, I also got sunglasses 86% off....yoooo) and when I was checking out the price jumped up 4 dollars! what!! But they were still 64% off LOL. Score.

My roommate found out because she kept seeing the boxes that said on them coming here and went to the website and bought her bf a bunch of clothes from there for his birthday. LOL dammmnit keep away from my site!

They are the....outlet store of Zappos. They ship fast and free, the only thing that sucks is that if you don't like something you have to PAY shipping to return it, but it's not that big of a deal since you usually spent 50% less on the item anyway.

Man I love more than I love pizza.

I also keep telling them to add reviews like zappos or put the reviews from zappos on their site because its the same company, if you take the survery when you check out...TELL THEM TO ADD REVIEWS LOL.