Hi everyone, my name is Natasja and I am a 24-year-old curly girl. I have hair that is in between 2c and 3a, long and brown. I spent most of my life hating my hair and fighting with it on a daily basis. About a year ago I was blow-drying my hair and my hair began to burn, melt, and fall out in chunks! I swore I'd embrace my natural hair from then on, and began to search for how to care for curly hair. I discovered Lorraine Massey's book Curly Girl and started following the method one year ago and am still going strong. It has been an emotional process as I'm sure a lot of curly girls understand... I have finally come to love and appreciate my natural hair and am always looking for new products and ideas. That's how I found Naturally Curly and have actually been using it for a while now but only just made an account today. I'm part of the curly hair revolution (haha) and am here to stay!