i think the stylist cuts all, but cuts each curl separately, making some shorter, some longer (so only a snip), but the entire head gets cut.
if you look at my photo, i have a deva cut -- he always cuts all my hair, curl by curl (in the photo my curls look thick, they clump together. when he cuts he separates them each into separate curls as he cuts. those thinner curls are cut individually. he will at points take part of it and cut it short, cutting the rest of that curl long.... depending on how my hair is looking. of course, while i understand how to cut with the curl, but i could NEVER cut an entire head and NEVER duplicate what he does!! LOL),
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3a, some 2c & 3b, medium texture, porosity normal, low elasticity
washing/cowashing, conditioning, protein tx: [I] curl junkie products
leave in:cj conditioners and treatments as leave in
styling: cj aloe fix gel, cj pattern pusha, cj honey butta leave in, cj cccc, cj ciab.
sealants - jane carter nourish & shine