The worst one was when my (straight-haired) friend was telling me about her new hairbrush that she'd bought, and telling me that I should try it. I said something along the lines of; 'I don't brush my hair at all so there isn't really much point because it makes it frizzy.'
She then said something like 'Well that's probably because you're using a cheap brush, if you used a good brush then...'
If all it would have taken for me to beat frizz was a hairbrush, then didn't she think I would have done it years ago? Ignorant.
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The brushing advice is the thing that really drives me mad. People with straight hair just can't grasp it, that brushing doesn't help. And if you try and explain or demonstrate why, well I just see their eyes glazing over...maybe it's the way I say it. When I used to often get my hair straightened I used to brush it, so like you say if it helped when curly we'd do it wouldn't we? It isn't rocket science to think about brushing hair if it helped. I feel for you! Cheap brush! Ha!
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