I try not to rant about work stuff on here but I am just beating myself up over this. I am such an idiot. Basically, I have this motion which has my client pitted against the police, and the procedure is not what I thought it was based on what the case management judge told me. So, I followed what he said and filed my motion 3 weeks ago. Never heard anything back from the police lawyer who I expected would have sent me materials a week ago. After repeatedly trying to contact their lawyer, he e-mails me just this evening saying that it is actually a different statutory procedure, so everything I filed is wrong, not in the content or in making it clear what I'm seeking, but in little things like how it is labelled and formatted.

So he isn't filing any response and is basically just going to ask the judge to bounce my motion. And the judge probably will, and that's fair, because I didn't check to make sure I had the right procedure and that's my fault. It's not really a biggie - I apologize for wasting court time, I go back, re-jig everything and file again - pain in the butt for me and I can't bill for it since it was my mistake, but oh well. But I'm mad a) at myself for making that mistake and b) at the police lawyer for being an a-hole and waiting till the last minute so I wouldn't have a chance to fix it and wasting all of our time just to play a game and make a point. I am actually trying to get justice for my client and he'd rather play games and stonewall me, and I am basically letting him through my own stupidity. I could scream.
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