Where are the donuts, already? I am hungry.

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The donuts are tomorrow. Tonight I make pre-ferment and tomorrow I make the final dough, cut, and fry and fill. Then I'll make the rounds to distribute the donuts.
Tomorrow I also cut my croissants (I did all the laminating earlier today) and freeze them for baking the next time I'm home. I'll take a little bit of dough for danishes to use up my lemon cream.
Imma try to make that whipped cream cake roulade one more time because I'm a glutton for punishment who can't admit defeat.
I'm annoyed that I forgot to buy some ham for ham and cheese croissants! The plan was pretzel croissants, but I thought I'd do a few plain and some ham and cheese, too. Oh well. No, I will not make pain au chocolat, chocolate stans go home!