Question: Do you put mayo on clean hair before you wash or just on top of your already day old hair that has product in it? Also how much do you put in for your particular length?

(I really want to try a PT but I'm a little wary of overdoing it.)
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I just put it on day old hair. Sometimes I detangle with olive oil first before applying the mayo. I use about 4 tablespoons for my thick dense head of waist length hair. Some people just saturate it completely until its goopy, but I use just enough to coat the length (not the roots). I wash it out with conditioner after letting it sit under a shower cap for half an hour.

If you don't want to overdo it, don't leave it in longer than 30 minutes.
-2b waist-length hair (ringlets in the front and canopy, straighter under-layer)
-Dense head of med-coarse strands
-Low porosity

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