Thanks for the answer. What is stopping the US from adopting the French system? Wouldn't be the easiest to transition to and more widely accepted?
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Yes, it would be, since all the components are private (insurance, hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical firms). In fact,the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") is largely based on the Massachusetts health care reform, which is itself modeled on the French system[/QUOTE]

interesting about massachusetts -- my son and daughter-in-law, and 2 granddaughters live in massachusetts. they have health insurance through my daughter-in-law's employer, a pharmaceutical company, and pay $8, EIGHT dollars, per month for family coverage. they can see any dr they want. i know both my granddaughters were born in mass gen, a good hospital. i always assumed it was because their insurance was thru a pharmaceutical employer, but now you are saying that massachusetts has health care reform based on the french system. why can't the rest of the country follow suit?

since this seems too good to be true -- another question -- are the drs earning a living wage? (clearly their own health insurance would then be affordable so that would be one personal cost lowered, LOL!)

i'm not following the other part of your discussion. it seems that the insurance companies just name the reimbursement rate, not individuals nor doctors. there does not seem to be any negotiation with anyone. i know in my profession here in ny at least, united healthcare has gobbled up many insurances, if not the whole package, then at least the mental health part, and so consequently they are naming the reimbursement rates, copays, like a monopoly.
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