Oh Lordy. My ex called me twice this morning even though he hasn't called me in over a month or spoken to me in almost 3 weeks since he gave me my money. And left a voicemail talking about how he wasn't able to call me back when I tried to reach him 2 weeks ago because he couldn't afford to call me, but he's NOW returning my call and he hopes I'm managing okay.....

I guess email and text messages to my gchat didn't work 2 weeks ago either when he was trying to get back to me. He is so full of $h*t I just can't even. Why in all hell is he calling me now?! I'm not even going to call back. I can't believe that negro tried it!
3c/4aish, high porosity, fine strands,medium density cottony curls.

LOVES: (editing)

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I'm not obsessed: I just LOVE my hair!!

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