I was working at the store and missed his call, but I emailed him right back (he called from a London number so I had no idea what time zone he was in!) and said I'd love to talk talk further on Wednesday.

I feel REALLY good, because it shows, yes, I'm interviewing well. People like me and think I'd be a good person to work with. They had 300 applications and I made it to the TOP TWO. So I am doing something right.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd made the mistake of telling my mother because I thought it was a great thing.

She nagged on and on that I need a "reality check" that this isn't a "real job" and they're "not doing me any favors."

I told her...

--it might be good money and I could work from home and not give-up the store

--it's experience

--it's connections

--it's something to add to my resume

--maybe the person they hired won't work-out and I'll be right there in the wings to take their place!

I then made the mistake of saying, "Well, it shows that my interviews are going well!"

And my mother said, "That doesn't MATTER. You are STILL NOT GETTING JOBS."

What the hell am I supposed to do besides apply and network and interview and do my best????????