I am on Naturethroid for hypothyroidism which is similar to Armour. I found out when I went to the doctor because my hair was shedding so much. But as said above I was low in iron also and that has mostly in my opinion been the culprit for my hair thinning. So a good blood work up would be great and make sure they test the ferritin levels that's how I found out it was the iron. The ferritin is the iron stored when just iron was checked I came up normal.

I would also suggest a good multivitamin and fish oil. I have been using some essential oils also, not on my scalp but on the bottom of my feet and I was shocked that my naturopath reduced my Naturethroid this last time I went in. The jury is still out but I am hopeful that that is helping.

I started using Shea Moisture hair growth milk and I think it is working. I like it because it is organic. Its weird but it feels like the individual strands are thicker and some areas that are thinner aren't as noticeable anymore. I am hoping that it helps with shedding too but I just started using it about a week ago so I don't know if it will or not yet.
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