Anyone tried it? Is it really as good as the original QOD?

I'm a 3c/4a, switched to organiq after the original formula was not available but now I'm going on vacation to humidity galore for a month and need better managiblity. The original QOD I could wash and go, organiq I'm not able to but it does make blow drying tons easier and looks better after.

Thinking of buying the large bottle, anyone interested in splitting?
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Your question just made me realize what was different between both formulas. I couldn't put my finger on it! And you said it...The Wash And Go!

I was a devoted fan of the Original QOD MAX, mainly for the main reasons you stated. I could wash and let my hair air dry and my hair was super soft, manageable, and SUPER shiny...and for moths!
So I was told Kerapremium was the same formula under a new name. So I purchased the Big bottle.

I did everything as I normally do when I do my treatment. But I realize with KeraPremium I can't wash and go!

I already did the treatment 3 times, and I can't get the results I did with the Original QOD MAX. The wash and go factor is gone after the second wash.

I am still happy with the KeraPremium, maybe because I know that out of so many brands out there, this one is one of the bests. After I style it, the hair stays gorgeous. But is lacking that Super gloss QOD Max used to give, and the long lasting Wash and go factor.But I would love to find the one brand that will give me the exact results that the Original QOD Max used to give me. I am still on the hunt!

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