I was working at the store and missed his call, but I emailed him right back (he called from a London number so I had no idea what time zone he was in!) and said I'd love to talk talk further on Wednesday.

I feel REALLY good, because it shows, yes, I'm interviewing well. People like me and think I'd be a good person to work with. They had 300 applications and I made it to the TOP TWO. So I am doing something right.

--it might be good money and I could work from home and not give-up the store

--it's experience

--it's connections

--it's something to add to my resume

--maybe the person they hired won't work-out and I'll be right there in the wings to take their place!

"… it shows that my interviews are going well!"
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I took the liberty of editing your post to reflect reality.

Congratulations, CIBC. You’re doing fantastic work and should be proud of yourself!*

* And I don’t just mean in your job search. I mean in your personal growth process as well. It’s HARD work and you’re doing really well with it.