Last night my ex sent me an email. All it said was I'm deeply sorry for causing you pain... We dated for about 7 months and I thought he was "the one." But, he was too immature and was scared of being commited so I finally told him I can't do this anymore and we stopped seeing each other. We still saw each other everyday because we had classes with each other every semester, so it hurt me a lot and took me a long time to get over him. Well, I graduated this spring so it's making things easier not to see him. I was actually just thinking about him last night when he emailed me. Now, the last time we spoke was in December, and I told him not to speak to me because another girl told me that he was all over her and used to talk badly about me the previous semester. Talking crap I can get over, but the fact that he was chasing after her while still talking to me was what hurt. Let me explain... He emailed me in December telling me that I'm beautiful, intelligent, and will make some man a very lucky husband to have me one day. When I told the girl (who ironically I saw that night) about those sweet emails, she goes "oh.... That's interesting...." Then she proceeded to tell me how he used to complain about me and how he always stares at her in class and flirts with her etc., but she turned him down because she has a bf. Of course it broke my heart all over again so I replied to his emails and told him what the girl told me and told him never to contact me again because he hurt me for the last time. Well, it's been over 2 months and he sent me that last night. Idk if he contacted me before because I blocked his email and ironically just unblocked it 2 weeks ago. So.... I'm torn. Do I respond? Of course my friends say no because they don't want me getting hurt, but I did love him. So idk :-/ I would appreciate any advice. Sorry this was so long
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