Okay, excuse my Christian-ness this morning, but these lyrics spoke to me:

I can see your heart is yearning
Everything is so unclear
Is the answer ever coming
After all these years
Itís not an easy feeling
Sometimes it seems unfair
But He knows just what Heís doing
With unanswered prayers
So hold on

Itís worth the wait
Just keep believing
God has perfect timing
Never early, never late
It takes a little patience
And it takes a lot of faith
But itís worth the wait

What if what youíre desperate for
Isnít what you really need
What if there was something more
Than what you dreamed
We may not always see
We may not understand
But He knows just what Heís doing
Heís got a bigger plan
So hold on


In His time, youíll be fine
All this waiting, now, is by design


In His time, youíll be fine
All this waiting, now, is by design
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In much the same vein, I just added links to the song itself and to Laura Story's background story about it on my post about "Blessings" - bottom of page 174.

Don't know why I didn't think to look on YouTube when I first posted it, instead of just posting the lyrics. There are tons of different versions, etc. out there!

CIBC, while I was looking for the page #, I saw that post about the girl you knew who'd been fired from 4 daycare jobs and now wanted to find a "career type" job with benefits by the following Wednesday . . . How's that goin'? Is she liking that job, LOL?
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