Some SheaMoisture products contain glycerin (and wax) and glycerin is a humectant, best used in humid weather, otherwise it can be drying to hair. I'd place anything w/glycerin into the back of your closet, until muggy weather.

Also, noticed the common denominator w/all the products you listed: very heavy on all sorts of oil. I don't have your hair type but I'm guessing you've benefitted from this, at least some, as the oils and butters are less likely to weigh your very curly hair down. BUT, you still could be suffering from buildup IMO.

I know the trend is to rigidly follow the whole "Curly Girl" routine and curse regular sulphate shampoos, but that's extreme. It's healthy to have a good ole fashion shampoo (a "clarifying" shampoo, specifically) every once in a while if you're constantly applying oils and butters. Because if you don't, you're gradually forming a barrier over your hair so that eventually little to no moisture can penetrate and hydrate it. It can lead to dryness and in "4" type hair especially, breakage. ... So I'd use a clarifying shampoo (like Suave) before putting any more products into it ... then use a conditioner w/out glycerin and see if you notice a return of some softness. Then I'd occasionally use the shampoo again. ... If you've recently shampooed, then maybe something else is going on.

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