Tried the L.A. looks power spikes gel over moptop yesterday and my hair turned out very nice..soft and shiny!!! I love that it has no glycerin.(altough my hair tolerates it in moderate amounts)....don't care for the scent, although it doesn't linger after hair is dry. I also picked up a bottle of LALSG to try out one more time...the bottle I tried before was very old. I'm willing to give it another go since its so cheap. I want to try the L.A. looks nutra gel but can't find it locally. I may break down and order it online. I really like to have inexpensive products I can get locally just in case I run out of my good stuff. I picked up one more styler, SM smoothie. I plan to use it as a curl cream.
Anyone else use the SM smoothie? How do you use it and what is your favorite combo?? Also any of the LA gels..thanks!

After testing out the LA gels, smoothie and recently ordered Mop C curl cream...I should be done experimenting for a while.
I've realized I keep coming back to my good old favorites that do not let me down. There are some products that I just had to try but again, want to stick to my favorites.
I'm also so excited that iherb carries kinky curly products!!!! The whole foods I have bought mine from before is almost an hour away, so this makes it they have discount codes and you can earn points.
On with the experimenting.......