I have pretty porous hair as well. It's coarse and there's a lot of it. 2b/c right now. My hair does not like protein at all, but loves oil (except olive). I rarely heat style, maybe once a year. I've hennaed twice, once a full henna in 2008, the other a gloss last year. My water is hard and highly chlorinated.

I just discovered that my shampoo bar has SLS, so I'm going to just rely on my Deva Low-Poo for a while and see if that helps. I don't wet or wash my hair very often, so I'm going to try wetting and conditioning more often to see if that helps it get the moisture it wants. To me, it looks obviously dry and it has way too many split ends.
2b/c, coarse, highly porous, low elasticity
Classic-length, henna gloss over natural red

Clean: Deva Low-Poo
Condition: Deva One Condition, Suave Naturals
Oil: Camellia oil, Coconut Oil, or Castor Oil
Style: FSG

CG-ish since Fall 2012, Getting serious Feb 2013