DD is 5 and is in kindergarten. She received all 3s ("mastered") and 2s ("proficient") on her report cards for this year, but her teacher is concerned about DD's behavior. DD interrupts, lacks focus and lacks concentration. Of course, she's 5, right?

Well, her teacher wants her to be evaluated. We received this email tonight and are confused. What does she think is going on?

DH is pissed and thinks the teacher is trying to get DD in the system and this is "how it starts." I just want what's best for DD, but have no idea what's going on. Here is the e-mail:

Begin forwarded message:

I wanted to share with you that I heard back from the Speech Pathologist for our school. She will be able to conduct an speech screening next Wednesday, March 6. The Speech Pathologist shared that the screening is informal and she will see if there is a speech concern or not. Then she will let me know if there is anything else that may need to be done, such as an intervention or if the concern is developmental. I will have a paper for you to sign saying we have your parental permission to conduct the screening. Thanks.

I also heard back from the School Psychologist, who is assigned to our school. She will be sending me some information to complete for the first step in the request for problem solving assistance. I will also include a sample of DD's handwriting, since I had a concern with her motor skills (legibility).

If there is additional information that I need from you, I will be in touch. As we work on this first step, I will keep you informed as I learn information. My goal is to find a solution that works best for your child and continue to build on their successes in school.
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