More good points ladies. I see where you are coming from. However, keep in mind that we never slept together. He wants to wait until he's married. Who knew men like that existed huh?! Lol Shocking but true
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FYI, that's sometimes used as a player move.

What they do is say they say they want to wait for sex to earn your trust while they sweep you off your feet. Eventually you'll become the "special" one worth breaking their rule for, then they'll dump you and move on to the next woman. Guys like are willing to play the game for a while.
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Nah. He was the real deal. Believe me. If anything I was the one who was trying to get him to break his rule. He's very religious so that played a big part in it, but I know what ur talking about. I know it wasn't the case with him though. That's one thing I never had to worry about with him
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That's what guys like that want! They get off on women begging them for sex. And I've seen religious guys do it too. Based on what you said, I think that was he was doing.

Guys who don't cheat have a saying "why go out for a hamburger when you have a steak at home." If a guy likes you and wants to be with you, he ain't looking elsewhere. It doesn't matter if you're offically exclusive or not. And he sure as hell doesn't bad mouth her to others! Those early months when you're falling in love, you don't see faults. It's all puppies and rainbows. And when you love, or really like someone, you care about what others think of them, so you don't bad mouth them to others at all. I've been married for 10 years, I hesitate even talking about the little annoyances because i don't want others to judge him based on my mood swings.

The fact that he was doing all that during the relationship says to me he didn't really like you that much. Since he didn't like you that much, then there was nothing to get over, therefore no reason for him to trying to get back with you months later.

But for the sake of argument, lets give the benefit of the doubt for a moment. Would you want to be with a guy who learns everything the hard way, that takes months to realize his mistake and apologize, that doesn't respect your wishes? Part of being a responsible, mature adult is realizing mistakes have consequences. Sometimes that consequence is losing someone. You have to accept that you hurt them, and you need to leave them alone. Mature people realize that if you keep contacting someone who's heart they broke is opening wounds. He contacted you months later, after you asked him to stop, so he obviously hasn't learned any of that yet. Even in best cases scenario, he is still putting his feelings above your own (his need for forgiveness vs your need to get over him). Would you really want to be with a guy like that?

He is so not worth it.