Does your hair like protein? I find protein gives me volume. I am 2a/2b though... when it's 2a I get tons of volume, when it's 2b I get defined curls with no volume. The difference bw it being 2a or 2b depends on the day, whether I scrunch while wet and what products I use. Coconut oil for instance will give me nicely defined, soft curls, but sadly no volume. RO's or LI's with protein will give me more volume, but sometimes loses the curl when completely dry. I'm still trying to figure out the balance.

In your case it may be too many products weighing down your hair... or maybe you're overconditioned? Or maybe you just have to pick bw more volume and maybe a little bit more frizz or no frizz but no volume.

Your new haircut looks great though and through some new methods that you were trying it looks like you're definitely achieving more volume!