I would also ask about what she has done in the classroom about these behaviors and your child's responses to them. The big focus is on RTI (Response To Intervention) in which the classroom teacher generally has to show documented in class trials with "research proven" methods before getting to the next level with testing.

I believe there are ties between speech and handwriting and certain learning disabilities that exhibit in behavioral exhibitions. I do work in special education but at the high school level so most of my kids were identified a long time ago.

I would also talk to your daughter about what goes on in the classroom, if she gets talked to a lot by the teacher. She could just simply be wanting more attention from the teacher and has found a negative way to get.

I would absolutely be asking for a meeting with the teacher and want specifics on behaviors (with dates if available) and what the teacher has tried with the student, and what areas she feels are of concern before consenting to any testing. I would even ask to talk with the school psychologist about what testing is being planned, why, and what possible outcomes are. Most likely it's just a general assessment and some IQ testing (as this is used in RTI to provide a measure of where the student should be performing).