I'd say that a meeting with the teacher is in order, for sure. If you can pinpoint the problem, it will give you a better idea of what to do going forward, if anything needs to be done at all. It might not be anything to be concerned about but if she does need some extra help, there's no shame in it and it's definitely easier for her if she's younger. Is she a summer baby, by any chance? I know Danae's K5 teacher attributed some of her behaviors to simple immaturity; she's always one of the youngest in her class. Since so many people send their kids to school essentially a year later than when we all went, it's common for a younger student to look unfocused and antsy in comparison to a child who is a half or full year older.

I do think the way the teacher approached it was kind of odd. Sending that letter seems like something you would do after a conference, not in lieu of one, so I can see how that would rankle if you didn't know there was a problem all year long.
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