Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate your input.

The teacher has brought up DD's behavior before and has said DD is disruptive in class. She was even sent to the office twice in one week because she was talking so much and disrupting the class. I asked if the teacher thinks it's ADD or just immaturity, and the teacher doesn't know. DD's birthday is in May and she is one of the youngest in her class which I think is part of the problem. The teacher said somedays DD is right along with the class and "gets it" and other days she is way below everyone else behavior wise.

CGNYC, you articulated what I've said to DH about going forward with the testing even though I don't know what we're looking for. If DD does have something going on, I want to identify it now and work on it right away.

I got in trouble for talking all through elementary school, so it's hard for me to tell if there is a problem or not.

Thanks again everyone. This is hard, especially because DH and I aren't on the same page with what to do.
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